Prime Healthcare Piloting Steer Concierge in Two Hospital Locations

We are delighted to share some exciting news that marks a significant milestone for both Steer Health and Prime Healthcare. Prime Healthcare is thrilled to announce the initiation of Steer Health’s Concierge platform in all of its 45 hospitals across the country. This groundbreaking move represents a major step forward in enhancing inpatient care and delivering more personalized patient experiences.

Adopting AI Healthcare Solutions to Enhance Inpatient Experiences

With the implementation of Steer Health’s Concierge Platform, Prime Healthcare is embracing cutting-edge AI healthcare solution to address individual patient needs as they arise. The advanced AI-driven tool tracks and analyzes patients’ requests and feedback, delivering it directly to dedicated staff, enabling them to provide even more tailored and compassionate care to patients.

The collaboration between Prime Healthcare and Steer Health has already begun with beta testing in two Prime hospitals. This partnership is driven by a shared vision to address the evolving healthcare needs of consumers, with a strong focus on creating easy access to convenient, timely, and patient-centric care.

A timely decision to meet healthcare consumers' demands

We all know that healthcare customers increasingly demand personalized experiences, but rising care costs and staffing shortages have hindered hospitals from meeting these expectations. However, with Prime Healthcare's expertise in acute care and community hospitals, the integration of Steer’s Concierge platform aims to revolutionize the inpatient hospital experience, empowering patients with self-service tools during their hospital stay.

Amy Searls, Chief Experience Officer at Prime Healthcare, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating:

"We are excited to see the benefits of the Steer Concierge platform across our health system. Our decision to integrate this advanced technology reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional and personalized patient experiences and achieving excellence in healthcare outcomes."

The positive impact of the Steer Concierge platform will soon be felt by Prime’s more than 2.6 million annual patients who will benefit from around-the-clock personalized care. Moreover, nurses will be able to prioritize urgent requests, while shift managers and patient experience officers can use accumulated data to identify care gaps and optimize patient outcomes. This will not only reduce staff workload but also significantly improve the overall staff and patient experience.

A partnership for bringing AIs' benefits to hospitals

At Steer Health, we congratulate Prime Healthcare on this massive move forward and express our heartfelt support for their dedication to providing personalized patient care. Together, we envision a future where healthcare is not only technologically advanced but also deeply compassionate, humanizing the inpatient experience like never before.

We are grateful to Prime Healthcare for partnering with us on this transformative journey. We believe that together, we can drive growth and cost savings by reducing the burden on healthcare professionals, all while enhancing patient care and experiences.


Learn more about Steer Concierge here.

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