Everything You Need to Know About the New Steer Concierge Platform for Streamlining Hospital Rounding

U.S. hospitals face significant challenges in 2023, from staff shortages to rising care costs to full hospital beds – making it a key concern to provide adequate patient care without increasing the burden on staff. 

A critical step toward providing the best possible care is improving the effectiveness of hospital rounds. Hospital rounds are essential to patient care as they provide a way to collect feedback from the patient, assess their needs, and ensure they receive personalized care.

Traditional hospital rounding can be time-consuming and inefficient, especially when handled manually by staff. In addition, in the heat of the day, patient requests and feedback often falls through the cracks, leaving patients waiting for medication, special requests, or care needs. Direct consequences, such as long delays or inadequate care, can severely affect care outcomes and patient satisfaction. 

Recognizing this need to streamline hospital patient communication via digital rounding software, Steer Health is launching its newest tool: The Steer Concierge Platform.

Introducing Steer Concierge – a patient-focused approach to Hospital Rounding

Steer Concierge was designed with luxury hotel guest management in mind, putting the patient front and center of the hospital experience.

It also aims to help solve time-consuming hospital rounding experiences by automating manual paper rounds. Intelligent automation technology allows patients to submit inquiries to dedicated hospital staff and receive personalized assistance without waiting for staff members to come by.

Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 1.30 1patient rounding-1

View for patient (left) and staff (right)

Optimize Hospital Care Delivery

The application – accessible via a link or a printed QR code – asks patients to enter their questions, concerns, or needs on various topics such as food, medication, pain, or general management. In the second step, patients can provide more specific information about the support they seek.

After leaving their feedback, nurses or other dedicated hospital staff receive patient requests on their tablets, phones, or computers. They can then review the request, order a resolution or prioritize the most urgent patient requests. Staff also have visibility into the status of a patient request, so they know whether they need to take action or not.

Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 3.26.48 PM


The Concierge platform provides a more efficient and comfortable experience for the patients as they can take an active role in their own care. Staff can resolve incoming needs more quickly, and patients in urgent need will benefit from priority care. Thus, the new tool makes patients’ hospital stay more pleasant and dramatically enhances staff efficiency.


Empower Your Staff With the Best Patient Rounding Tools

The Concierge Platform allows hospital staff to quickly access vital information about each patient’s condition without manually compiling data from multiple sources or wasting precious time searching for it. In addition, digital rounding software like Steer Concierge leverages integrated data and previous records critical to optimizing care. Caregivers can access patient request history, and the dashboard allows managers to see where patients are waiting too long for help. This can help react to patient feedback and enhance care delivery over time.

Steer’s digital hospital rounding tool also helps improve communication between healthcare teams by allowing them to exchange messages easily. They can discuss any changes in a particular case or share important updates with other departments via secure messaging systems integrated into the platform.

Lastly, automated notifications ensure no detail falls through the cracks regarding critical decisions related to a specific case. By providing continuous communication, hospitals can achieve a better quality of care and higher customer satisfaction.

Steer Concierge - Dashboard

The Steer Concierge Dashboard for Staff

Customize Your Digital Hospital Rounding Tool

We know that every hospital has different care priorities and routines. That's why hospitals can customize the Concierge Platform to fit their exact needs. Hospitals can delete or add service areas such as general management, dining, or other requests. Hospitals can also design intake forms and patient satisfaction buttons to suit their needs and personalize questions to patients as they see fit.

Our healthcare experts understand the unique needs that come with the healthcare industry. Our approach is to develop innovative solutions with healthcare providers' best interests at heart.

Our new patient rounding tool has been developed in collaboration with hospital executives and staff to ensure it solves today's challenges in the most powerful manner.

Book a personalized, live demo today to see the Concierge Platform in action and discover how it can transform your hospital care experiences!

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