Reputation Management for Doctors

Six Pillars of Healthcare Reputation Management

Reputation management in the healthcare sector is gaining importance at an unprecedented rate. Research shows that over 72% of patients look for online reviews prior to seeing a new physician and will only choose a doctor if they have 4-star ratings or higher. 

Patients are looking for a provider who offers seamless online scheduling, easy-to-reach staff and a convenient location, but also someone with high ratings and reviews - important indicators to instill confidence and trust before you meet face to face. 

Healthcare reputation management entails building and maintaining your brand's image to attract new patients and retain existing ones. Here are six essential pillars for elevating the voice of your patient and boosting brand loyalty in healthcare.

Manage Your Practice's Reputation on Search

Your online presence plays a vital role in attracting new patients. Did you know that the top 3 Google search results get 54.4% of all clicks

The first time most potential clients interact with your brand is from the results on the search engine pages. Search engines show the reviews and ratings of your healthcare practice, but also the content that you produce on your website. 

Respond to customer reviews and let potential clients know you listen and act. Produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content, including blog articles and an FAQ page that answers specific questions that web searchers might have about your practice and services.


Online Physician Profiles

Patients proactively research, read reviews, and ask for opinions and referrals from other online users. survey reveals that nearly 2 out of 3 patients will choose a provider because of a strong online presence.

Include a biography, profile photograph, and clinically relevant and interesting information, including certifications and license to practice, for all your practitioners' profiles on your website. Add your profiles to other reputable medical societies like the American Board of Family Medicine. 

To further beat your competition, highlight localization and optimize your online profile with relevant online reviews, services, and clinical information to have local relevance to your potential patients.

Your online profile allows you to share your expertise and experience and can be a valuable way to attract new patients. Google and other search engines use information from these online profiles to surface you in the search results. 


Get Feedback with Natural & Authentic Conversations

Help your patients develop a human connection with your practice. Get real-time feedback from your patients and display their testimonials and reviews on your website and on social media. 

While you might find some answers from a custom questionnaire, engaging in real conversations gives you authentic responses without biases or hurriedness. However, customer feedback accomplishes nothing without actionable comebacks. Review and act on your patient's responses to increase consumer satisfaction and to empower them to stay actively engaged with you. 


Engage Throughout the Entire Patient Journey

Capitalize on showing support to the patient by engaging with them throughout their entire patient journey. 

Once a visitor reaches your website, help them get a convenient online patient experience to make healthcare inquiries resolved easier. Empower your staff with essential communication tools, such as online scheduling, AI Chatbot, 2WaySMS, and let you patients know you care for their health. Deliver the right message at the right time while driving patient compliance through automated patient check-ins post-discharge or post-visit.

The more compassionate and comprehensive your engagement is, the higher your patient’s willingness is to share positive feedback.


Add a Personal Touch

Your powerful online presence and positive reviews are not enough to satisfy the increasing needs of modern patients. Let patients feel your care and humanity. Personal touch enhances comfortability and determines your patients’ loyalty. 

The patient's willingness to open up increases when they feel the healthcare worker is empathetic and humane. As a healthcare provider, it’s important that your patients have a positive experience with every interaction they have with your practice. This doesn’t mean that every patient will walk away satisfied. There are many reasons why someone might not be happy with their medical care, but if they feel like they were treated well for the most part and that their needs were met, the chances of them returning for future appointments increase dramatically.


Get Your Patients Market Your Practice

Smart healthcare practices are using all venues to build their reputation with their patients. Get on board and start establishing yours today.

While positive reviews from satisfied existing patients can help attract new patients from Google searches or other online channels, nothing beats personal recommendations from trusted family members and friends when it comes to effectively reaching potential patients who are actively seeking out new providers in their area. 

Social Media is another great tool for reputation management. It can help increase awareness and brand reputation on all fronts: attracting new patients while also sharing valuable content that educates and informs your community. 

With reputation management, you can create an online presence that reflects the values of your organization. 


It's important to keep in mind that your online reputation doesn't stay static - it's constantly evolving with each new patient interaction. By monitoring your brand and finding positive ways to engage with your patients, you can ensure that the incredible work you and your clinical staff do is being noticed. 

Steer Health offers the most optimized online web presence and patient experience to convey your brand story. With Steer’s full-scale reputation management tools, our goal is to help you attract new patients and stand out from your competitors.

Book a demo with us to learn what digital tools you can utilize today to achieve a professional and strong online reputation, as well as ensure patient satisfaction and loyalty.


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